is zebra wood good for cutting boards

Why Zebra Wood Isn’t the Best Choice for Cutting Boards

Zebra wood may look like the perfect material for your next cutting board, but don’t be fooled by its looks. This type of wood may be hard, but it has its fair share of downsides that make it a poor choice when it comes to making chopping boards or any other piece of kitchen furniture that will have regular contact with food. Here are some reasons why zebra wood shouldn’t be used in cutting boards.

Is Zebra Wood Even Suitable for Cutting Boards?

zebra wood look

Zebra wood has a beautiful natural design to make a perfect-looking cutting board. Besides the look, it is a robust hardwood that is mandatory for making a chopping board. But these two are the only benefits of zebra wood for making cutting boards. In contrast to these benefits, it has a lot of downsides. After knowing all of these, you would not want to use zebra wood as your choice of material. So, I will tell you why you should not buy or use zebra wood for your cutting boards in this blog post.

Why You Should Not Use Zebra Wood

First, I will tell you what actually happens when you try to make a cutting board with zebra wood. Besides being hardwood, it has an open grain, and the open grain of zebra wood could tear out during the sanding process.

zebra wood grain

Then comes the smell problem. It has an awful smell that could be a problem for both making and using this. You don’t want your food to come closer to a bad smell cutting board. For some people, it can cause an allergenic problem during the making, so you must stop using it immediately if your family members are allergic.

zebra wood

One more important thing to consider, some people say that it is a little bit toxic wood. So as a health-conscious person probably, you are not going to use a zebra wood cutting board. Are you?

The final fact is that zebra wood is not the cheapest hardwood to buy. From my point of view, it’s better to find a cheaper wood or pick another one from the best kind like Maple, Ash, Acacia cherry or walnut wood. They are better choices than zebra wood because they have no problems, as I said before!

What Happens When You Try to Make Them Anyways?

zebra wood block

If you start making a cutting board with zebra wood, the open grain will rip out when sanding. So avoid sanding it to avoid the tearing out. Must use dust mask during making process as it has a bad smell and can cause an allergic problem. It is also very expensive. A better choice would be walnut or cherry hardwood, which is durable, cheaper, and less likely to have allergy issues due to its closed grain.

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The What is the Best Wood For Cutting Boards?

  • There are lots of alternative choices for making cutting boards. The most popular choices for making cutting boards include maple, cherry, and ash wood because they are durable, less expensive, and have a good smell. Also, you can use these woods for making cutting boards.
  • Acacia
  • Walnut
  • Teak
  • Pecan
  • Beech
  • Oak

Frequently Asked Questions are Answered

1. Can I Use Zebra Wood for My Cutting Board?

I would not recommend it because of the reasons mentioned above. There are better choices for making cutting boards, such as maple, cherry, and ash wood.

2. What is The Best Wood for Making a Cutting Board?

The best woods for making cutting boards are those that are durable, less expensive, and have a good smell. Some of the best choices include maple, cherry, and ash wood.

3. Can I Use Zebra Wood if I am Allergic to it?

No, I would not recommend it. Some people are allergic to zebra wood, and it can cause health problems.

4. Is Zebra Wood Toxic?

Some people believe that zebra wood is toxic. I would not recommend using it for your cutting board just to be safe.

5. How Much Does Zebra Wood Cost?

Zebra wood is a bit more expensive than other hardwoods. You might be able to find it for around $100 per board foot.

6. How Durable is Zebra Wood?

Zebra wood is a hardwood, but it is not as durable as some other hardwoods. It is also more likely to tear out during the sanding process.

7. What are the Dimensions of a Zebra Wood Cutting Board?

Zebra wood cutting boards are typically around 1-1/2 inches thick and can be any size.

8. Where Can I Buy Zebra Wood?

You can find zebra wood at some hardwood stores or online.


Making a zebra wood cutting board may be a nice idea, but it’s not the best choice because it doesn’t offer any clear benefits over other types of woods in terms of either its usefulness or price.

The best option is a cutting board made of hard maple because it is both durable and inexpensive. Other options that are good include bamboo, red oak, and white oak, which are less expensive than walnut or cherry.

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