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7 Best Picture Frame Clamps for Perfect Gluing or Drilling

Picture frames are an excellent way to display pictures, artwork, and other mementos. Many individuals prefer to utilize frames because they give a room flair and character. A clamp is a handy tool that will provide additional support for your woodworking project. Clamps can be used for a variety of applications, including metalworking, drilling, filing, and painting etc. Do not expect that all picture frame clamps will produce the same results. So, to help you to buy the best picture frame clamps we wrote this review.

Why Do You Need a Picture Frame Clamp?

Why You Need a Picture Frame Clamp?

The Clamps for picture frames are little metal or plastic elements that assist keep the edges and inside portions of your frames together. They perform particularly well with corrugated cardboard or paper backing, which is frequently used for posters and other large artwork. The finest thing about them is they are quite simple to use.

Whether you want to gluing-up or drilling two corners of a picture frame, you may be face problem with precision clamp. Those picture frame clamps can ease your work in this situation.

Image Product Details   Price
Housolution 90° Picture Framing Corner Clamps Housolution 90° Picture Framing Corner Clamps Aluminum Alloy Construction, 1 Corner Clamp with TPR Handle Check Price
MLCS Can-Do Clamp MLCS Can-Do Clamp Aluminum Construction, 1 Clamp Check Price
Relitec R Right Angle Clamp Relitec R Right Angle Clamp Plastic, 3 inch * 4pcs, 4 inch *  4pcs, 6 inch * 4pcs Check Price
Bessey VAS-23 2K Variable Angle Strap Clamp Bessey VAS-23 2K Variable Angle Strap Clamp Glass Filled Nylon, Angle Strap Clamp Check Price
POWERTEC 71017 Quick Release Band Clamp POWERTEC 71017 Quick Release Band Clamp Nylon, Plastic, Band Clamp with Quick-Release Levers Check Price
WETOLS 90 Degree Right Angle Clamp WETOLS 90 Degree Right Angle Clamp Aluminum, 1pcs of Right-Angle Corner Clamp Check Price
Feiyang Miter Spring Clamps Kit Feiyang Miter Spring Clamps Kit Metal, 8 Clamps, 1 Pliers Check Price

What Are Types of Clamps Used for Picture Frame?

Right Angle Clamp: Right angle clamps can be used to make boxes, cabinets, picture frames, dowelling, joinery, drilling, and a variety of other tasks. It’s ideal if there isn’t a lot of space between the wall and your poster since it may be positioned against a wall to keep everything in place.

Band Clamp: Band clamps comes with a large band for holding picture frames of various sizes together. It may be customized to suit corners, angles, and bigger posters. It contains a flexible metal band that you may adjust to your desired size.

Corner Clamp: A corner clamp is a basic picture frame clamp that is used in a corner. It serves as a sturdy basis and holds all of the corners and edges of your wood item together. Some kits include an additional element that keeps everything together. As a consequence, you may easily create the desired form.

 7 Best Picture Frame Clamps Reviewed

Now I will provide you with a list of the top 7 best picture frame clamps for faster and easier gluing or drilling.

1. Housolution 90° Picture Framing Corner Clamps


Brand: ‎Housolution

Product: Housolution 90° Picture Framing Corner Clamps

Material: ‎ Aluminum Alloy Construction

Included Components: 1 Corner Clamp with TPR Handle

Item Weight: 1.66 pounds

Housolution 90° Picture Framing Corner Clamps

Key Features

  • Ideal for aligning, nailing, woodworking, welding, screwing, and creating cabinets, boxes, and picture frames.
  • Holder with Adjustable Swing Jaw.
  • Made of premium aluminum alloy die-casting material.
  • For 90° corner joints, it can be utilized as a clamping device.

The best picture frame clamp is a useful tool for woodworking and other applications such as furniture or cabinet assembly. Those picture framing corner clamps are a must have equipment for any DIY woodworker or professional carpenter. The Housolution 90° Picture Framing Corner Clamps is exactly what you need. Simple to use, ideal for framing, drilling, doweling, and a variety of other tasks.

For home DIYers, this single handle 90° aluminum alloy corner clamp is a wonderful deal. It is ideal for aligning, nailing, woodworking, welding, screwing, and building cabinets, boxes, and picture frames, and it is easy to set up. This clamp, made of abrasion-resistant aluminum die-casting alloy, may be used over and over without ever failing on the job.

It creates an unobstructed working space while holding angles together with a vise-like grip, so you can still accurately weld or assemble joints without having to worry about your clamp. It also has an easy-to-adjust quick-release mechanism and a comfortable rubberized grip.

Adjustable swing jaw design, one handle jaw two-way rotation A must have for woodworkers, handymen, and DIY’ers alike is this precision right angle clamping tool. For 90° corner joints, it can be utilized as a clamping device. Allows the joining of two wood blocks of varying thicknesses at a 90-degree angle. Rubberized single handle with adjustable rotating jaw for accurately aligning and holding work parts. Solid and non-slip, it helps to set up and fasten swiftly.


  • Long-lasting right-angle clamp.
  • Swing jaw design.
  • Rubberized single handle.
  • Maximum clamping = 2.68in/68mm
  • Durable aluminum alloy body.
  • Quick release mechanism.


  • Clamping too thin glasses is risky.

Bottom Line

Before clamping, please verify the thickness of the glasses. It may crack if it is too thin. When clamping the glass, users should coat both sides of the clamping position with facial tissues to avoid the metal clamp from accidently cracking or scratching the glass surface.

2. MLCS Can-Do Clamp


Brand: MLCS

Product: MLCS Can-Do Clamp

Material: Aluminum Construction

Included Components: 1 Clamp

Item Weight: ‎ ‎2.57 pounds

Key Features

MLCS Can-Do Clamp

  • Ideal for framing, drilling, doweling, and other tasks.
  • Allows you to fine-tune your configurations.
  • High clamping pressure with a sliding ‘T’ handle.
  • Oblong holes for convenient workbench installation.

MLCS can-do clamp is an easy to use and quick to set up picture frame clamp. Excellent for framing, drilling, doweling, and many more applications. This clamp allows you to build high-quality photo frames regardless of your skill level.

It is a tough clamp that works well for putting wood pieces together. When you utilize your photo frame, it obtains the optimum alignment and recognition. It is simple to use, and the built-in oblong hole allows you to mount it on your workbench anytime you need it. It is lightweight because it is made of aluminum, and you will have no trouble carrying it in your toolbox. It is also sturdy enough to provide you with long-term service.

The T-handle on his clamp is another noteworthy feature. This design allows the woodworker to customize the handle to his or her liking. At the same time, robust gripping is confirmed since the clamp may be turned quickly. Furthermore, the clamp jaws expand to 2-3/4′′, allowing you to clamp materials up to that thickness.

Working with a robust and lightweight picture frame clamp is critical since it allows for greater flexibility. The Can-Do Clamp is an excellent alternative for those who need to tackle various jobs such as framing, doweling, drilling, and so on. Additionally, while you are completing various DIY tasks, this provides the greatest results. Regardless of your ability level, you may use this clamp to create high-quality photo frames.


  • Simple to use.
  • Aluminum structure for durability.
  • Two swivel points.
  • Moveable jaws.
  • Both sides have clamps.


  • Sometimes T-handle does not cooperate.

3. Relitec R Right Angle Clamp


Brand: ‎Relitec R

Product: Relitec R Right Angle Clamp

Material: ‎Plastic

Included Components: 3 inch * 4pcs, 4 inch *  4pcs, 6 inch * 4pcs

Item Weight: ‎7.1 ounces ‎

Relitec R Right Angle Clamp

Key Features

  • In your woodworking tasks, square up flawless corners.
  • A wider range of sizes and a lower price.
  • Ideal for gluing and constructing boxes, drawers, frames, furniture, cabinets, and other similar items.

The Relitec R right angle clamp comes in a variety of sizes. It is capable of handling a broad range of clamping jobs, including adjusting power tool blades, marking perpendicular lines, sharpening plane blades, and many more. This is a great item to have in the store.

If you want simple angle clamps with broad applications, you should consider buying the Relitec R right angle clamp. This package will give you 3-inch, 4-inch, and 6-inch clamps. Each size contains four angle squares to help fasten four corners of a picture frame at once.

It is composed of high-impact plastic, which means it will endure a long time while being lightweight. Creating a perfect 90° right angle woodwork using other reasonably priced corner clamps is generally fairly difficult. You can rest assured that precision work will be a joy with this clamp.

You may use any sort of woodworking clamps with this positioning squares, including ground clamps, f-clamps, spring clamps, scissor clamps, hand clamps, and rapid action clamps. Clamps can be useful for a variety of purposes. Picture frames, bookshelves and shelves, drawers, cabinets, shoe racks, and other assembly tasks are all possible with them.

Furthermore, the brackets may be used to hold various thicknesses of woodblock. You can clamp as long as the size of the brackets is not obliterated by the thickness of the woodblock.


  • Lightweight.
  • Perfect 90-degree clamps.
  • Various sizes are available.
  • Can serve as jigs.
  • High-impact plastic construction


  • Not appropriate for highly precise tasks.

4. Bessey VAS-23 2K Variable Angle Strap Clamp


Brand: ‎Bessey

Product: Bessey Variable Angle Strap Clamp

Material: ‎Glass Filled Nylon

Included Components: Angle Strap Clamp

Item Weight: ‎1.25 pounds ‎

Bessey VAS-23 2K Variable Angle Strap Clamp

Key Features

  • The strap coiling mechanism holds the strap in place.
  • Both sides of the strap are pulled simultaneously.
  • There are four pivoting corner supports incorporated, and clamping pressure is distributed equally.

Bessey VAS-23 2K Variable Angle Strap Clamp is an easy to use tool. This tool is a multipurpose tool. It is perfect for projects with irregular shape, photo frames, strange objects, or circular work. It cannot, however, produce sufficient clamping pressure for robust joints.

It is a comfortable strap with an ergonomic design. You will be able to do them quickly. You will appreciate the fact that this tool allows you to deal with a variety of shapes, from square to round to traditional. For firm clamping, this angle strap clamp has pressure pads that swivel from 60° to 180°. Even when your hands are damp or oily, its pleasant grip makes it easy to use.

This useful gadget includes four pivoting corner clips that may be attached at various angles. Its braided high tensile strength polyester strap may be dragged for both sides at the same time, distributing clamping pressure equally. The strap is resistant to adhesive and straining. Its coiling mechanism also keeps it confined.

When fastening up, this clamp is ideal for establishing tight glue bonds. The pads that make touch with whatever you are gluing up, the pivot allow you to quickly glue up angles at various angles. The strap holder, which keeps the extra strapping in place, is a fantastic feature. It is quite painless to work with this strap clamp. This will make it easier for you to create the shadow box door and photo frame.


  • Handles are easily adjustable.
  • Distortion free clamping.
  • Special winding gears
  • Useful for keeping glue joints tight
  • Apply constant pressure on the joints.


  • Heavy-duty jobs are not recommended.

5. POWERTEC 71017 Quick Release Band Clamp



Product: POWERTEC 71017 Quick Release Band Clamp

Material: ‎Nylon, Plastic

Included Components: Band Clamp with Quick-Release Levers

Item Weight: 15.8 ounces

POWERTEC 71017 Quick Release Band Clamp

Key Features

  • The clamping jaws are non-marring and the frame is made of sturdy plastic.
  • Build a variety of irregularly shaped items and crafts using this tight, secure, and adjustable clamping action.
  • This adjustable band clamp is ideal for work pieces that are square, circular, rectangular, or irregularly shaped.

POWERTEC 71017 Quick Release Band Clamp is made of a tough plastic frame with non-scratching clamping jaws and high-quality nylon webbing for the band. As a result, it’s an excellent choice for building birdhouses, picture frames, cabinets, barrels, and chair frames, among other things. This tool is excellent for repairing broken frames as well as assembling a frame with challenging 4 X 90° corners.

This clamp secures and holds wood pieces together with a log strap. It has a lot of uses. It is simple to use and designed to make clamping easier and more efficient. It has non-marring gripping jaws that let you work with oddly shaped, round, and square materials.

The appealing thing about this clamp is that it can be fully tensioned in only two simple actions. To begin, tighten the strap tight to remove the slack. To hold the strap, make the quick release lever. The strap may then be tightened even further by twisting the hand screw clockwise. Jaws will sit firmly in every corner in this manner.

The band is composed of premium nylon. The band is not only long-lasting but also waterproof. As a result, the band will not absorb water under any conditions. The 1-inch broad, 13-foot long band can assist you in holding huge frames and objects.


  • A strong nylon band.
  • Durable plastic clamping jaws.
  • Small cutouts for adhesive to dry.
  • Quick release function.


  • The gripping is a little shaky.

6. WETOLS 90 Degree Right Angle Clamp


Brand: ‎WETOLS

Product: WETOLS 90 Degree Right Angle Clamp

Material: ‎Aluminum

Included Components: 1pcs of Right-Angle Corner Clamp

Item Weight: ‎1.56 pounds

WETOLS 90 Degree Right Angle Clamp

Key Features

  • Adjustable Jaw with Swing Handle that Rotates.
  • Jaws may grasp two pieces of varying thicknesses.
  • Maximum clamping range is approx. 2.75in/70mm.

WETOLS 90 Degree Right Angle Clamp is made of abrasion-resistant aluminum die-casting alloy, may be used over and over without ever failing on the job. It creates an unobstructed working space while holding angles together with a vise-like grip, so you can still accurately weld or assemble joints without having to worry about your clamp.

It has thermoplastic rubber handle. As a result, even if your hand is moist, you won’t lose your hold. This clamp may be used to clamp any items needed for your project. You can clamp for carpentry, welding, metallurgy, drilling, painting, furniture manufacturing, and a variety of other tasks.

For home DIYers, the WETOLS 90° aluminum alloy corner clamp is a wonderful value. It’s ideal for aligning, nailing, woodworking, welding, bolting, and building cabinets, boxes, and picture frames, and it’s easy to set up.

The clamp’s jaw is 3.74 inches wide, and it can hold items up to 2.75 inches thick. You may swing the smaller jaw from left to right or right to left by using the handle, which is hooked to the single handle. This allows you to link two thin wood blocks together. The clamping range is about 2.75in/70mm.


  • Anti-slip grip.
  • Rotatable single handle jaw.
  • Best quality aluminum.
  • Versatile use.
  • Swing jaw design.


  • Not recommended for fragile objects.

7. Feiyang Miter Spring Clamps Kit


Brand: Feiyang

Product: Feiyang Miter Spring Clamps Kit

Material: Metal

Included Components: 8 Clamps, 1 Pliers

Item Weight: ‎ 0.68 Pounds

Feiyang Miter Spring Clamps Kit

Key Features

  • Your workpiece will not be damaged by the clamps.
  • Miter clamps are constructed of unique steel wires.
  • Spring-loaded pliers are available.

Stopping mitered corners from opening up is the most difficult component of gluing them together when making picture frames, moldings, wood trim work, and any compound miter. It is time to retire those inconvenient and costly parallel clamps. The professional Feiyang Miter Spring Clamps Kit give you with the appropriate and cost-effective mitered corner clamping instrument to help you complete your job faster.

Unlike other spring clamps on the market, the distinctive point is meant to puncture the wood, leaving no apparent indication of their use once they have been removed. This prevents the clamp clip from cutting, pushing, or ripping the wood, resulting in difficult-to-repair cosmetic defects. They will leave little imprints in the wood, which may be filled or sanded off during the finishing process.

The strong steel stretching pliers in this package include springs that may automatically close, making work simpler. The plier is easy to use and does not cause hand strain thanks to its thick rubberized grip.

This kit comes with eight clamps and a stretched plier. For greater gripping force and flexibility, the clamps are made of industrial-grade steel wires that always return to their original shape and strength. The pointy ends of the clamp are also properly sharp and positioned to pierce hardwood without harming the fibers.


  • Really simple to work.
  • Made of costly industrial steel.
  • Rubberized grip is easy to hold.
  • Left no scratch on the wood.


  • The clamps might not last very long.

Buying Guide for Picture Frame Clamps

A best picture frame clamps will definitely ease your work. Now I will talk about some of the factors that you have to consider before buying this must have tool.

Tips for choosing a best picture frame clamp:


For heavy-duty clamping jobs, invest in a big corner clamp. Make sure the brand you chose fulfills your project’s criteria. Medium-sized corner clamps can readily handle smaller wood projects. Examine the throat depth of your chosen model before purchasing. The throat depth must be adequate to allow you to comfortably do your responsibilities.


Another element to examine is the clamp’s structural materials. Metal clamps are common, although plastic or wood clamps are also common. Metal clamps have a higher load capacity than plastic clamps, making them stronger and more lasting.

Those clamps are made out of high-quality materials including aluminum, nylon, and polyester. These materials are able to handle high tensile tension, intense pressure, and roughness with ease, allowing you to complete the work quickly. Durability is also assured at the same time.


Price is always a thing you need to consider. Because there is lots of different between different brands. Always choose the best one under your budget.

Thickness of Frame

Frame thickness is crucial since most clamps have a particular frame thickness that they can keep. If you purchase a clamp that is incapable of holding the frame for your projects, you have wasted your money since a too-tight clamp might destroy the frame. The frame will not be properly kept in place if it is too loose. As a result, be certain that the clamp you select is appropriate for the job.

Clamping Power

When purchasing a picture frame clamp, one of the most important considerations is clamping power. For this, you will need to choose a nice 90-degree clamp that provides robust and enough gripping force. The clamping force is determined by the materials used in the construction. Corner clamps are often made of high-quality materials. The major objective of utilizing a picture frame band clamp would be lost if your chosen frame clamp had insufficient gripping power.

How Do You Use a Framing Clamp to Clamp A Picture Frame?

A proper operating procedure will make a tedious clamping activity more pleasant and lessen your workload. We will tell you the proper steps you need to follow when using a picture frame clamp. First close the four wood parts using those clamps. Continue twisting until the neck of the clamp reaches its deepest point. The clamps will then need to be tightened. At this stage, turn the handle clockwise. Ensure that the jaws are securely closed. The most important advantage of right-angle clamps is that they will not leave marks, dents, or scratches on delicate wood objects.

Types Of Joints to Use Angle Clamps

Angle clamps can be used to hold a variety of joints, including picture frame joints. Let’s look at which joints are appropriate for angle clamps.

Butt Junctions

The butt joint is the simplest and weakest of all the joints accessible. Cutting the edges of the pieces is not necessary; instead, attach the squared-off edges into the edge to face position. The linked components will be perpendicular in this manner. The lack of reinforcement in a butt joint makes it vulnerable. To attach two components together, a butt joint relies entirely on glue.

Miter Junctions

The miter junction, often known as a 90-degree joint, is the most common picture frame joint. A miter junction is made by combining two wood pieces at a 45-degree angle at their joining ends. The interior angle of a corner formed by joined components is 90 degrees.

T Joints

When a component is linked perpendicularly, it forms a ‘T’ or a shape that looks like a ‘T’. Pieces are connected together using glue or mortise and tenon joint methods in T Joints. In mortise and tenon joints, you must drill a square or rectangular hole in one component to accommodate the tenon of another piece. You must apply glue to strengthen the junction once it has been joined.

Frequently Asked Questions about Picture Frame Clamps

Does All Clamps Are Good For Welding?

The answer is no. There is some clamp that can be used as a welding clamp. But most of the picture frame clamps does not support wielding, especially those that are made of some sort of pot metal.

What is the best way to clamp an irregular shape?

Irregularly shaped materials do not fit flush into the flat jaw of the clamp, preventing the component from being held securely. To fix the problem, you will need to make a brace out of scrap wood that fits between the clamp’s materials and jaws.

How Do You Clamp a Big Frame?

A corner clamp with a long strap is enough to wrap around a huge frame. Individual clamping pieces can also be used to retain the mitered corners. You will need four corner clamps in that instance.

What Is the Best Way to Fasten And Glue A Picture Frame?

Gluing is one of the most important tasks while building a picture frame. You may accomplish this using right-angle clamps or strap clamps. Both clamps are effective in keeping picture frames in place once they have been glued. To retain the pressure on the frame components to stick together, there is a process.

How To Construct a Picture Frame Without Corner Clamps?

Nothing is impossible in my opinion. However, making robust 90-degree angled frame joints would be tough. To keep the joints in place, create a frame clamp jig. Whether you choose a corner clamp or a clamp jig, both will provide adequate support for creating a neat and tidy picture frame.

How To Make a Picture Frame Clamp at Home?

Watch this video, then you will get an idea about making it at home.


We write this review so that you don’t invest your money on something which is not useful for you. Hopefully, our comprehensive reviews will help you to buy the best picture frame clamps for your need.

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