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7 Best Panel Clamps for Gluing Wood Panels

Most woodworking jobs cannot be accomplished without glue to reinforce the adhesion of bonded materials or to firmly keep pieces of wood together. However, if specific approaches are not used, the glue dries up before the assembly is completed. So, you need some panel clamps to ease your job. Since there are lots of panel clamps available in the market. It is a hectic job to choose the best panel clamps for your need. Here we will help you through this process.

Why Do We Need A Good Panel Clamp?

Why We Need A Panel Clamp

A panel clamp is one of the most essential pieces of workshop equipment. It is a gadget that lets you clamp a few flat surfaces together fast and efficiently. It may be used for a range of household and garage tasks. This instrument is frequently used by woodworkers to glue wood panels together. Panel Clamps keep wood panels and other flat items level and aligned. After that, the panels may be bonded together to make sturdy woodcraft. There is a different technique to join the wood panels. Panel clamps allow you to keep wood panels in place without having to drive the screw into the wood.

Image Product Details   Price
Fulton 43 Inch Long Clamping System Fulton 43 Inch Long Clamping System   Aluminum, ‎1 each rail and 3 vertical glue press bar assemblies Check Price
Peachtree 4 Way Pressure Clamps  Peachtree 4 Way Pressure Clamps Plastic, Maple, Steel, 2-Pack 48-inch Parallel Jaw Bar Clamp Set Check Price
JORGENSEN 48-inch Bar Clamps JORGENSEN 48-inch Bar Clamps   Plastic, steel, 2pcs of fixed jaw parallel clamp Check Price
Bessey 50-Inch Fixed Jaw Parallel Clamp Bessey 50-Inch Fixed Jaw Parallel Clamp  Iron, 1 3/4 Inch Pipe Clamp Check Price
PONY 50 3by4 Inch Pipe Clamp PONY 50 3by4 Inch Pipe Clamp Steel, Plastic covers, Two 50-inch parallel clamps Check Price
Bora 50 Parallel Clamp Set Bora 50 Parallel Clamp Set  Alloy Steel, 2 Pack of 4 Way Pressure Clamps Check Price
JORGENSEN 36-inch Bar Clamps  JORGENSEN 36-inch Bar Clamps Plastic, Maple, 2-Pack 36-inch Parallel Jaw Bar Clamp Set Check Price

Types Of Panel Clamps

Varieties of clamps available out there but you can use only 3 types of clamps for gluing a panel. The three types of panel clamps are:

  • Parallel Clamp 
  • Pressure Clamp 
  • Pipe Clamp 

Parallel Clamp

What is A Parallel Clamp

The most basic and often used clamp is the parallel clamp. They are usually composed of steel with a gripping surface at the end. A Parallel clamp can range in length from 50 inches to 6 inches. If you want to build a wood panel using a parallel clamp, make sure you know the precise width of your project. 

Pressure Clamp

What is A Pressure Clamp

Pressure clamps are widely used in the woodworking industry. They are utilized to hold your project’s timber in place. These clamps may be made out of any sort of wood. They are generally composed of metal and have a clamping mechanism at the end. A wooden beam is used to fasten the wood panel between two pressure clamps. Pressure clamps feature a four-way clamping mechanism that is extremely robust and ideal for creating wood panels. 

Pipe Clamp

What is A Pipe Clamp

Pipe clamps are another popular clamp type. They are usually metal and feature a clamping mechanism at the end. Clamp your project using a 3/4- or 1/2-inch metal pipe. Using a pipe clamp has two major advantages. First and foremost, it is more strong and heavier than any other clamp. To meet your needs, you can utilize any weight of metal pipe or any other pipe. The second advantage of employing pipe clamps is that you may clamp your wood panels with any length of pipe.

7 Best Panel Clamps in My Point of View

Now I will provide you with a list of the top 7 best panel clamps for faster and easier clamping of a few flat surfaces together.

1. Fulton 43 Inch Long Clamping System


Brand: Fulton

Product: Fulton 4 Way 43 Inch Long Clamping System

Material: ‎Aluminum

Included Components: ‎1 each rail and 3 vertical glue press bar assemblies

Item Weight: ‎ ‎28.3 pounds

Fulton 43 Inch Long Clamping System

Key Features

  • A glue up system that applies pressure from all four sides.
  • Up to 1750 pounds of pressure on the panel to keep the boards from racking.
  • This clamping device is ideal for larger panel glue ups.

Fulton 43 Inches Long Clamping System is made from heavy-duty aluminum. The best panel clamping option for anybody who needs to clamp bigger woodworking panels. Ideal for woodworkers, carpenters, do-it-yourselfers, and others. It is created to apply pressure to all four sides of your panel. This alone makes it well worth the money! This clamping device is ideal for larger panel glue-ups.

Tired of buckling panels, sloppy gluing tables, heavy pipe clamps, or losing valuable floor or workbench space? This panel max glue press system not only eliminates all of these issues, but it is very simple to use and can be extended to fit practically any size panel you need to glue up! It does all of this while producing well-laminated boards or flat panels every time you use it. Much better than standard clamps such as pipe clamps, f-clamps, and bar clamps!

Fulton 43 Inches Long Clamping System delivers uniform pressure to both ends and sides of your panel project, resulting in high-quality joins and the elimination of buckling or warped panels. This alone should be enough motivation to include this system in your workshop’s “go to” toolkit. That is, of course, not all. The Panel Max includes connecting arms, or more precisely a top and bottom pressure assembly, that can be adjusted to any thickness of material ranging from 0″ to 5″.

It allows you to generate flat, smooth glued together panels with less effort. It also reduces racking because you don’t have to continually adjust individual clamps like you would with pipe clamps or bar clamp systems. It is a vertical glue press that mounts to your wall. No more taking up valuable workspace on your workbench. You no longer have to worry about hurting our backs trying to move a ludicrous amount of hefty pipe clamps. If you are looking for the best panel clamps, this is the one you should buy for many reasons.


  • Heavy duty aluminum.
  • Great for larger panel glue ups.
  • Apply 4-way Pressure.
  • Totally expendable.
  • Large width and thickness capacity.
  • Full 41” clamp capacity.
  • Helps eliminate racking.


  • Little bit expensive.

2. JORGENSEN 48-inch Bar Clamps



Product: JORGENSEN 48-inch Bar Clamps

Material: ‎Plastic, Maple, Steel

Included Components: ‎2-Pack 48-inch Parallel Jaw Bar Clamp Set

Item Weight: ‎ ‎22.6 pounds

JORGENSEN 48-inch Bar Clamps

Key Features

  • Up to 1500 lbs. of clamping force.
  • The maple handles will not irritate your hands.
  • A reversible head allows for spreader clamping, and a clamp stand allows for simple adjustments.
  • Ideal for a variety of woodworking projects including panel glue-ups, boxes, cabinets, frames, and raised panel doors.

The Jorgensen 48-inch bar clamp is a heavy-duty, cast-iron bar clamp that is simple to operate and durable. The clamp’s greatest opening capacity is 48 inches, making it ideal for installing heavy components in small places. With a clamping force of 1500 pounds, it is ideal for huge tasks requiring a lot of pressure. 

Whether you’re a professional or a home DIYer, it is tough, resilient build assures longevity and long-lasting performance. Both the jaws and the bar of the clamp are composed of heavy-duty steel. The spreader may be clamped to any surface thanks to its reversible head. A clamp stand allows for simple modifications. 

The wood handles are comfortable to hold and will not fatigue your hands. The pins are composed of high-quality steel that is resistant to bending and breaking. Welded joints guarantee long-term stability. The steel elements of this tool are protected by an orange plastic layer, which also reinforces the jaws. 

This bar clamp is ideal for any job that necessitates a large number of clamps, and you don’t want to waste time hunting for one in your garage or basement while you’re just getting started! This bar clamp’s 3-way design makes it ideal for a variety of jobs.


  • Maximum opening capacity: 48 inches.
  • Heavy-duty steel jaws.
  • High-carbon steel bar.
  • Long lasting spreader.
  • Perfect jaw size is for most work.


  • Spreader is thin.

3. Bessey 50-Inch Fixed Jaw Parallel Clamp


Brand: ‎Bessey

Product: Bessey 50-Inch Fixed Jaw Parallel Clamp

Material: Plastic, steel

Included Components: ‎2pcs of fixed jaw parallel clamp

Item Weight: ‎ ‎17 pounds

Bessey 50-Inch Fixed Jaw Parallel Clamp

Key Features

  • Three replaceable jaws pads protect material surfaces.
  • Two rail protector pads keep clamped material away from rail surfaces.
  • TK-6 clamps can be used to secure it to work surfaces.
  • Rapid action jaw opening and closing
  • 1,500 lbs. clamping force.

Bessey 50-Inch Fixed Jaw Parallel Clamp is the best for you if you are looking for a large clamp. Because it not only assists you with large projects but also with small projects. It has perfect parallel jaw design for 90-degree material clamping, glue-ups, and general purpose clamping of wood, composites, plastics, light metals, and mixed materials. It can be attached to work surfaces with TK-6 clamps.

Its three replaceable jaw pads protect material surfaces, and two rail protector pads keep clamped material from touching rail surfaces. When not in use, the rail protective pads can be simply snap off. Simply lift handle away from steel rail and slide moveable jaw to appropriate place for quick action jaw opening and closing; reverse movable jaw for spreading. With the ergonomically designed two component molded soft grip handle, a clamping force of 1,500 lbs. may be applied.

This K Body REVO clamps sit flat on the work table for quick set ups and have a cold drawn steel alloy rail with six serrated edges for secure, slip-proof fastening. This clamp’s pressure and adjustable jaw may be easily controlled. 

The clamp is constructed of iron and may be used to secure a wood panel to a home frame. It is one of the most effective and dependable clamps for building a home structure. This clamp is used by the majority of homeowners in their projects. Thin, parallel jaws clamp at 90 degrees, providing superior parallelism to the clamped surface for assembly operations. 


  • Removable material protector pads.
  • Lightweight.
  • Soft grip handle.
  • Simple to clean and maintain.
  • Jaw has massive application.


  • Sliding jaw is tricky.

4. Pony 50 Pipe Clamp


Brand: Pony Jorgensen

Product: PONY 50 3/4 Inch Pipe Clamp

Material: Iron

Included Components: 1 3/4 Inch Pipe Clamp

Item Weight: ‎2.4 pounds‎

Key Features

  • 3/4-inch pony pipe clamp fixture.
  • Hardened steel construction.
  • Any length of 3/4-inch pipe will suffice as long as it is 7 inches longer than your workpiece.

In the United States, the Pony 50 pipe clamp has been the most popular and widely used pipe clamp fixture design. Pony’s unique steel multiple-disc clutch design offers a secure grasp and swift adjustment at any point along the pipe, without the risk of slipping or pipe crushing. Any length of 3/4-inch pipe that is seven inches longer than your workpiece will suffice. This sculpture was made with a strong, long-lasting iron casting. The clamping face is 1-3/4 in. long.

It is made of solid steel and has baked enamel fish with no holes, rivets, or notches. It fits any 3/4-inch pipe and has a crank-type handle and 1-3/4-inch square clamp faces. It has a simple, dependable design with a crank handle, no holes, rivets, or notches, and limited room for development. These clamps are handy for a variety of activities, may be used on any length of pipe, and can be relied on to maintain their grip without slipping or loosening. When the job is over, the clamps are always easy to remove.


  • Made of iron.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Fits any 3/4-inch pipe.
  • Made of hardened steel.


  • Plastic Feet.

5. Bora 50″ Parallel Clamp Set


Brand: ‎Bora

Product: Bora 50″ Parallel Clamp Set

Material: Steel, Plastic covers

Included Components: ‎Two 50-inch parallel clamps

Item Weight: ‎ ‎16 pounds

Bora 50 Parallel Clamp Set

Key Features

  • Suitable for both professionals and beginners.
  • Automatically become parallel as you tighten them on your project.
  • With a simple lift of the handle, the padded jaws move up and down.
  • 1100 lbs. (500 kg) of clamping pressure.

Bora 50″ Parallel Clamp Set provide rock-solid stability which means more precise work. We all know how important it is to rigidly clamp down your case goods and other woodworking projects. So, Bora made this product for you. This Clamp delivers exceptional clamping pressure and performance with an easy-to-use design.

With a simple movement of the handle, the 3.5-inch cushioned jaws travel up and down, and as you tighten them on your object, they automatically become parallel. Clamping precision has never been so simple. The large, easy-grip handle makes lifting and sliding the jaw up and down simple. The bottom jaw’s anti-slip design holds the jaw in place.

Bora 50″ parallel clamp set provide perfect pressure; not too loose, not too tight, just right with 1,100lbs (500kg) of clamping pressure. 3.5-inch wide padded jaw provides constant, even pressure without damaging material and the passive lock jaw stays in place when winding the clamp. The passive lock jaw is designed to stay in place when winding, guaranteeing that it will not move unless manually adjusted.

The large, easy-grip handle makes lifting and releasing the jaw to move down the bar simple. This allows you to work swiftly, allowing you to clamp your material and begin to work straight away. The Parallel Clamps’ versatility and stability will assist you in delivering a superior finished product you can be proud of.


  • Lightweight.
  • Rock-solid stability.
  • Perfect pressure.
  • Easy-grip handle.
  • Anti-slip bottom jaw.
  • Material is safe from damage.


  • May difficult to operate.

6. Peachtree 4 Way Pressure Clamps


Brand: Peachtree

Product: Peachtree 4 Way Pressure Clamps

Material: Alloy Steel

Included Components: 2 Pack of 4 Way Pressure Clamps

Item Weight: ‎ ‎9.13 pounds

Peachtree 4 Way Pressure Clamps

Key Features

  • It gives lamping pressure on all 4 sides.
  • You can build the 4-way pressure clamp to your specs.
  • Side pressure pads keep stock from shifting.
  • Heavy duty notched bars.
  • Can be used for all small to larger panel glue ups.

Peachtree 4 Way Pressure Clamps comes with a unique design, that can help you to build the 4-way pressure clamp to your specs. You can use it with all of the typically most common lengths like 24″, 36″ or 48″, depending on what style of projects you do most often. It just gives you the comfort of working with all kinds of panels glue ups, from small to larger panels.

The main objective of this clamp system is to clamp panels with pressure from the top, bottom, and sides at the same time. It will give each panel a tight hold. It is simple to open and close thanks to the T-Handle. It is designed to be as stable as possible. By delivering pressure to all four sides of your panel glue-up, this specially engineered 4-way pressure overcomes this age-old problem.

This device evenly distributes pressure across your panel, preventing it from bowing, buckling, or racking. The clamp is far more versatile than other clamps on the market, since it can handle boards up to 6 inches thick. The bar has four notches to provide for optimum adjustment and to accommodate a wide range of stock sizes. The 4 Way Pressure Clamp has side pressure cushions to protect your stock from damage.


  • 4-way pressure clamp.
  • Solid durable steel.
  • Clamp various size panels.
  • Make it to your specifications.
  • Notched bars allow maximum adjustability.
  • Fits most standard panel sizes.


  • Have to buy or make the wooden bar additionally.

7. JORGENSEN 36-inch Bar Clamps



Product: JORGENSEN 36-inch Bar Clamps

Material: ‎Plastic, Maple

Included Components: 2-Pack 36-inch Parallel Jaw Bar Clamp Set

Item Weight: ‎ ‎19.66 pounds

JORGENSEN 36-inch Bar Clamps

Key Features

  • Maximum opening capacity is 36 inches.
  • Clamping force up to 1500 lbs. using heavy-duty steel jaws and high-carbon steel bar.
  • Reinforced steel and castings protected by orange plastic add strength to the jaws.
  • Ideal for panel glue-ups, boxes, cabinets, frames, and raised panel doors.

JORGENSEN 36-inch Bar Clamps has heavy-duty steel jaws and a high-carbon steel bar that can clamp up to 1500 lbs. It has maximum opening capacity is 36 inches. A reversible head allows for spreader clamping, and a clamp base allows for quick adjustments, while the wood handles are comfortable to use. The jaws are strengthened with reinforced steel and castings shielded by orange plastic. Panel glue-ups, boxes, cabinets, frames, and raised panel doors are just a few of the applications.

When the sliding head on the bar is reversed, the clamp becomes a spreader. It has 1-3/16″ X 3/8″ high-carbon steel bar. Ergonomic comfort grip handle design makes it easy to operate. If you need a bar clamp that can accomplish a variety of tasks, this is one of the best panel clamps you can buy.

Its durable polymer shells help to prevent marring. Deep jaw depth for optimized pressure distribution. Secure lock system prevent jaw from slipping. In the long term, these quick and simple devices will save you time. This clamp set contains two bar clamps for flat panel, box, cabinet, frame, and panel door assemblies, as well as any other project requiring squareness or evenly applied pressure.


  • Lightweight body.
  • High-carbon steel bar.
  • Ergonomic comfort grip handle.
  • Clamp can act as a spreader.
  • Perfect jaw size is for most work.


  • Spreader is little bit thin.

Buying Guide For Choosing a Good Panel Clamps

It is crucial for rookie woodworkers and those who only use panel clamps occasionally. Before purchasing this necessary instrument, they must examine a number of issues. Now I will go through a few of them so you don’t make any mistakes while making your buying selection.

Tips for choosing a best panel clamp for yourself:


Price is always an issue when it comes to choosing best panel clamp. Because price varies on quality, on specs and from brand to brand. So, you have to choose the panel clamp with the best quality and highest specs that fits in your budget. 


Because each material type has advantages and limitations, your decision will be determined by your needs. Plastic, aluminum, and steel are the three most common materials used to make clamps. Aluminum ensures durability but is costly. Plastic is far inexpensive; however, it cannot be utilized for heavy items. Steel is more durable than plastic and less expensive than aluminum.


A spreader option is available on certain bar clamps, which is useful when you have a project that has to be spread out rather than squeezed in.


You should always think about your purpose to use them. Because some panel clamp comes with the only gluing-up feature, where other may offer to serve a variety of purpose. So, you should check how your selected panel clamp is going to help you. You should go for multiple options if you are not professional but sometimes do different woodwork as a hobby.

Clamping Power

Various brands offer various clamping power. You should check which clamping power is suitable for your work. Sometimes more clamping power is unnecessary, so don’t easily go for high clamping power if you don’t need them at all.

Tips and Tricks for Using Panel Clamp

Panel clamps are very versatile and can be used on various other woodworking jobs. Here are some tricks to work with them.

  1. Always try to tighten the up and bottom surface first, then the right and left surface (length) when gluing up a few flat blocks of woods together.
  2. The up and bottom surface should be straight but not too much tight, as the right and left surface (length) has to move then.
  3. After ending tightening the length surface, you can again tighten the up and down surface, and this time it should be tightened enough.
  4. Do not try to overdo the process because that can ruin your wood surface.

How To Prevent Marks & Wood Damages?

During the extended clamp-up phase, if you are not careful, you will harm the wood. You may avoid them by utilizing self-adhesive felt chair glides that are simple to install. If you don’t have any, use milk caps or other soft plastic caps and dab a tiny bit of hot glue on the clamp to make it stay. Wax paper can also be used to avoid stains and mark-making.

Frequently Asked Questions are Answered

Large or Small? Which Panel Clamp Should I Buy?

If you don’t know what kind of wood panels you’ll be making, it’s usually a good idea to get a large clamp. Large clamps are beneficial for small projects, whereas small clamps are useless for large projects.

Can I Glue Up Something 48″ Wide With A 50″ Panel Clamp?

Absolutely! The inner dimension is 50” when the jaws are fully expanded without the glue-resistant pressure pads. The opening is 49+5/8” when those pads are placed. There is still plenty of space to do it easily.

How Much Pressure A Panel Clamp Can Provide?

It depends on the specific product. Maximum clamping pressure of a panel clamp can vary between 1000 to 1800 lbs.

Can Panel Clamps Be Used As A Spreader Also?

Yes, these certainly can. A reversible head of panel clamps enables spreader clamping.

How Many Clamps Will I Need?

Use one clamp for every 12 to 15 inches of wood panel. Use two clamps if your wood panel is 15 inches long. If it is between 20 and 30, use three clamps.

What Is The Largest Panel I Can Clamp?

A parallel clamp or bar clamp can only be used according to its length. But if you buy a pipe clamp or a pressure clamp, then you won’t have to worry about the width of the pane; you may cut the wooden bar or metal pipe to fit your needs.

Know More: How To Clamp Large Panels? 

How Do I Arrange The Wooden Bar?

You can cut a wooden bar to your specifications and then clamp it in parallel clamps or use it as a jig to attach it.

How To Use A Panel Clamps?

Panel clamps are not so hard to use. But for better reference, watch this video.


When it comes to gluing up a few blocks of wood together panel clamps are always a must-needed product. Here we provide you a list of some best panel clamps available right now on the market. Hopefully, it will ease your tension of buying the right panel clamps for your woodworking job.

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